Thursday, July 19

18 Jul

Free park workout this Saturday, July 21, at Forest Hills park at 10 a.m. Hope to see you there!

Strength: Make up day

Consistency is important for strength work. With summer schedules, it can be difficult to make it in consistently, so we will be strategically using make up days to enable you to get your lifts done and make steady progress. You’ll be making up whichever day you missed.

20 pullups, rest 2 min, then



  • Double unders
  • Sit ups

Rest 2 min, then 20 pullups

Being Consistent on the Road
While we had a fantastic vacation, it can be difficult to get workouts in on the road, especially when you are following a specific strength template! For short trips, we might just take an extra rest day or do a bodyweight workout, but neither of us felt we could afford to take 12 days off of our lifting cycle. What did we do? We spread a week’s worth of lifting over the course of the trip — the gym and vacation are both supposed to be FUN, not a source of stress and anxiety! — and had great opportunities to see aspects of the cities we were in that we might otherwise miss.

In Cartagena, we got our pump on with some guys working on their pechos (chests) and espaldas (backs) in a tiny, sweltering gym. Later in the week, we checked out the shiny Bodytech gym and found everything we needed for some lifts and a kettlebell workout! In Bogota, Geoff of CrossFit Bogota was kind enough to let us use his squat rack while he put dozens of people through a tough looking burpee/KB/knees to elbow workout. Afterwards, we took full advantage of their on site cook (!) to snag some delicious snacks for the trip home.

Of course, sometimes you get really lucky, and you find out your hostel comes equipped with a view AND a barbell…

Michael going overhead in Salento

We found an awesome, homemade barbell constructed from a length of pipe and concrete. (annnd…if taking pictures is a workout, whew! we got a good one).


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