Eats: Strawberries

16 May

Thanks to a freakishly warm winter/spring, we have been flooded with strawberries a few weeks earlier than usual.  They make a fabulous way to satisfy your sweet tooth throughout the day, plus I appreciate the beneficial effects of their high vitamin C content on my still wimpy immune system.  If you are itching for something more than just plain strawberries, Michael and I found a few ways to enjoy our recent haul from Chiles Peach Orchard.

Strawberries with baker’s chocolate.  Strawberries and chocolate are not exactly a novel combination, but I wanted to see if we could enjoy the two without any of the sugar and dairy that often accompany them.  Enter unsweetened baker’s chocolate.  Normally overwhelmingly bitter on its own, I used a microplane grater to shave a small square onto a bowl of sliced strawberries.  The natural sweetness of the berries helps bring out the rich, dark chocolate flavor.

Strawberry-rhubarb crumble.  We used to think you had to kill rhubarb with sugar to tolerate its tart, tangy flavor….not true!  This recipe opened our eyes to an entirely new world of delicious strawberry desserts.  I sprinkled cinnamon in the topping to add some flavor and you could try adding some chopped dates to the mixture for some additional sweetness.  If you really want to treat yourself, some coconut cream or whipped cream on top would probably be divine, as well.


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