Results! Strength Cycle Wrap Up

27 Apr

Congratulations to those of you who just finished a 12-week strength cycle focused on the squat and deadlift.  We saw tremendous improvement in form and strength over the last three months, with many of you setting new rep PRs only to kill them a few weeks later.  Nice job!

A few special shout outs go to Joules and Paula:

  • Joules went from a deadlift 1RM of 200# to repping out 185# for 8 reps (with perfect form).
  • Paula made a commitment to get in the gym every session and made up lifting sessions outside of class when this wasn’t possible.  This consistency showed.  In three months, she went from struggling with 125# for one squat to doing the same weight for 5+ reps!  Her deadlift started at 145#, and yesterday she pulled 137.5# five times.
If you see them, give them a high-five (ladies, pat yourselves on the back).

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